7 Roofing Advertising Ideas (2023)


7 Roofing Advertising Ideas (1)

Roofing marketing is how your business can create, communicate, and deliver value to your target audience, potential clients, and current customers. When selecting which type of marketing you’ll use to promote your small business — whether you focus on commercial roofing, residential roofing, or both — there are a number of avenues you can take. One of your areas of focus should be roofing advertising.

What are roofing advertising ideas?

Roofing advertising ideas are the basis of your roofing advertising strategy. They’re the specific steps you take to promote your brand and services, as well as attract, engage (or reengage), and convert potential customers and current clients.

How do I advertise my roofing business?

There are a number of methods you can use to advertise your roofing business to commercial roofing leads and customers, as well as residential roofing leads and customers. By implementing more than one of these methods at a time, you’ll establish a well-rounded roofing advertising strategy that elevates your overall roofing marketing strategy.

Here are some commonly-used and effective roofing advertising examples.

7 Roofing Advertising Ideas

1. Market on social media and use social media ads.

2. Use email marketing.

3. Gather customer reviews and testimonials.

4. Create a search engine-optimized website.

5. Send direct mail and leverage traditional advertising methods.

6. Use paid advertisements.

7. Invest in advertising software.

1. Market on social media and use social media ads.

Improve brand awareness and amplify your roofing business’s presence on social media through a process called social media marketing. Connect with your prospective customers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other platforms. Create unique and engaging content that your target audience wants to engage with.

For example, use video marketing to create and share videos about roofing-related work that could eventually become DIY projects for your audience. Share images of your completed work (such as roof repair or roof replacement jobs), and offer your audience a look at the quality of service you provide.

In conjunction with the free benefits of social media, consider using paid social media ads, such as Facebook Ads. For example, by using roofing Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, you can create social media campaigns and track their performance on a budget that you set. Select your ad type, format, and content. Then choose your target audience on the platform based on the criteria that you care about (such as their age, location, etc.). And begin sharing your ads to ensure the right people see them when they’re already engaged on the social platform. The use of paid social media ads can increase your chances of engaging existing and new customers and converting them.

2. Use email marketing.

Email marketing can be used to share ads and promote your brand among roofing leads and existing customers. Create an email subscription for your business’s blog to help your brand become recognized as a thought leader within the roofing industry. Share promotions and special offers (e.g., plug a referral program here!) via email with the leads. And send emails that detail relevant information about your roofing company such as who your roofers and roofing contractors are, images and videos of completed projects, and more.

3. Gather customer reviews and testimonials.

Social proof and word-of-mouth marketing are critical to the success of any home services business. In fact, customers today who are looking for and considering any type of business, service, or product expect to see a number of online customer reviews.

Customer reviews and testimonials make your prospects feel confident in their decision to conduct business with your roofing company because they know that other people who are similar to them — and people who have experienced similar challenges to theirs — enjoyed working with your company.

But you have to start somewhere when it comes to increasing the number of customer reviews and testimonials you have. So, after you finish a roofing service, ask your delighted customer/ the property owner to write you a short Google Review. You may also ask them if they have anyone in their network they’d be willing to refer to your business. Consider giving your customers incentives when you ask them to write you reviews or provide referrals — give them a discount on their next service, or offer them a $15 Amazon gift card.

4. Create a search engine-optimized website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your roofing website, ads, and other marketing materials more likely to be seen by individuals who are searching for keywords and terms that are used across your website and content. With SEO best practices, Google is able to read your website and content and surface it to users who are looking for a roofing service like the one you own.

SEO strategies also help your content and information stand out among other roofing companies and competitors in your area. Use SEO services like Ahrefs, Scorpion, or Semrush to help you optimize your website, ads and ad copy, and content to improve your ability to rank on the search engine results page (SERP).

To take SEO one step further, optimize your website, ads, and content for local search. For example, if a roofing lead in your geographic area searches for a local business to manage their roofing challenges, local SEO practices ensure your company appears in the SERP for that lead. You can take advantage of local SEO on Google by creating and claiming your Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) as well as your Google Knowledge Panel.

5. Send direct mail and leverage traditional advertising methods.

Roofing advertising doesn’t always have to be online/internet marketing. Traditional forms of advertising can be valuable and effective, too. Especially when used alongside your other digital marketing efforts.

For example, use direct mail to share discounts and special offers on your services to stay top of mind among your current customers. Send roofing flyers and pamphlets in the mail, too. And ask your clients if you can place a branded yard sign on their property throughout the duration of your service so others can read and make note of your roofing company’s name and contact information.

6. Use paid advertisements.

Establish paid roofing advertisements to make your brand visible to your target audience and buyer personas when they’re already actively searching for solutions like yours. One of the most common forms of paid ads is Google Ads and social media ads (which we covered above).

By creating and sharing paid roofing ads through Google, and optimizing your roofing ad copy, your ads will be seen by your customers when, where, and how they’re searching (including via Google Search, the web, and YouTube, as well as on desktop or mobile). Additionally, with Google Ads, set a custom budget that can be adjusted whenever you see fit.

7. Invest in advertising software.

To simplify advertising for your roofing company, consider using an online marketing tool. Marketing software, or software created solely for ads, automates the process of ad creation and publication.

For instance, with a tool like Scorpion (a home services marketing tool), you can easily automate, personalize, and understand the success of your roofing advertising all through a single platform. An added bonus to using Scorpion for roofing advertising is that it can help you manage and analyze your other roofing marketing ideas and content marketing initiatives.

Use Roofing Ad Ideas to Improve Brand Awareness and Conversions

As a roofer or roofing contractor, it’s your job to help increase brand awareness and conversions through strong advertising and marketing ideas. A roofing lead is more likely to become a paying customer of your business if you are creating relevant advertisements that target their needs and challenges. Consider using a tool specifically created for roofing advertisements to improve your results.

Use Scorpion, a roofing advertising tool, to create ads that convert leads and prospects into your newest roofing customers.

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